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Landscape Design
Landscape Design

A face to face meeting is a must so our design matches your dreams and goals for your landscape. Curb appeal- your landscape is the first impression made and sets the mood of your property. We will help you design a landscape that matches your architecture and your needs while blending with our mountain environment. Our 39 years of Big Bear landscape experience will guide us in a design that considers:

Curb appeal and intended use

Grading and drainage issues

Retaining walls to create usable space or to secure your sloped areas

Hardscapes for driveways, walkways, patio, conversation areas

Vegetative screening to enhance your view

Water features

Outdoor sports areas

Fire pits to get you outside in the evening

Outdoor lighting

Landscape Construction

This is where our hands on labor and ingenuity will physically mold your dreams into reality. You'll get to witness daily changes implementing our collective design. As we spend time on your property we keep our creative juices flowing and may offer new "in the field" ideas to further customize your project.

Grading to solve drainage issues and to create usable space

Irrigation systems- water efficiency is the key

Soil analysis and amendments

Planting flowers to large specimen size trees and everything in between

Lighting for beautification and security

Natural water features to connect you with nature and calm your nerves

Synthetic turf for a low maintenance play surface

Vegetable gardens for your health


There are many ways to add beauty to the practical needs of your garden, our material options are almost limitless. We can create hardscape surfaces the actually become a feature to be admired in your landscape. It all needs to fit together like a glove so you and your guests find harmony in your private oasis.

Interlocking pavers for walkways, patios and driveways

Retaining walls to keep your soil where it belongs

Stonework and large boulders to create a natural appearance

Concrete curbing to divide and edge where needed

Certified Arborist

I haven't met a landscape client yet who doesn't appreciate trees, and guess what we love them too. If not handled correctly your construction projects can unintentionally cause permanent damage to your trees that may not show up for years. Let my knowledge of arboriculture guide you in your new projects and help you resolve tree issues where damage has already occurred. Doesn't it make sense to have an Certified Arborist plant and care for your trees?

Tree inspections and evaluations

Tree spraying and tree injections

Ability to transplant trees

Large trees in stock for your instant gratification

NativeScapes Landscaping

Landscaping since 1979 in Big Bear, it's not often that we run into a situation or goal that we haven't already experienced and resolved. All of our crew leaders have 10-20 years of experience with us and know the Nativescapes way to get things done. It's rare for us to leave a job without our crews receiving compliments for their work ethic and polite nature.

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